Impact Sockets

IET Impact Sockets are designed to use with Hydraulic, Pneumatic or electric Tools.

Slugging Wrench

IET Slugging / Striking Wrenches are designed for use with hammers where impact or shock loading is required for loosening of frozen and rusty nuts and bolts

Impact Accessories

Impact accessories are mainly products used in connection with tool to form bridge between Tool and Impact Socket. It includes products like Square Drive adapter, Extension bar, T Handle and Universal joint.

Tool balacer

Tool Balancers

IET Tool Balancers are ideal for application for suspension of electric or pneumatic power tools.

Manual Torque Wrench

IET torque wrenches are compact and lightweight to suit the heavy duty working conditions.

Torque Multiplier

IET Torque Multiplier are used for application where torque required cannot be achieved by Manual Torque Wrench and end user do not want to invest in Hydraulic system

Hex Reducers

Hex Reducers are accessories used with Hexagonal Hydraulic Torque Wrenches They help to reduce female hex size of ratchet/casette to nearest smallest hex size.


Hydraulic Wrench Hex Type

IET HTW-S series is the professional hydraulic torque wrench that is vigorously extends in international market.

Bolt Tensioners

Bolt tensioners work to create spring tension by stretching the bolt in upward downward direction.

Electro Pneumatic Torque Wrench

An electric torque wrench is a planetary torque multiplier or a "gearbox" mated to a brushless electric motor.

Pneumatic Impact Wrench

Pneumatic Impact Wrenches are used for rapid closing and opening of Nuts They are used for Torque between 100-3000 Nm.

Hand Tools

Hand tool, any of the implements used by craftspersons in manual operations, such as chopping, chiseling, sawing, filing, or forging.

pipe cutting machine industrial tools

Pipe Cutting Machine

The series machine is ideal for all types of pipe cutting, beveling and end preparation.


Hydraulic Jacks

IET offers an extensive range of Hydraulic Jacks that suits most of Industrial Application


Nut Splitter

Nut splitting with hydraulic nut cutters is the safest, most efficient, and cost effective way to remove nuts that cannot be removed using torque wrenches.


Flange Spreader

Flange spreader does is it separates or opens up flanges, which are used to connect two pipes together or sometimes cover them up.


Non - Sparking Tools

Non-sparking tools are vital in hazardous environments where flammable gases or liquids are present. Crafted from alloys resistant to sparking, they prevent ignition, ensuring safety in oil rigs, chemical plants, and more.

lifting Equipment

Lifting -Equipment

Lifting machines are those machines that are used for lifting loads. The force (or effort) is applied at one point of the machine and weight (or load) is lifted at the other point of the machine.